Very Happy Customer

To the staff at the Manaia Library I would like to thank them for the assistance in creating an email address. I have found having an email saves forty dollars by not having to have a phone line at home and not having to have a Internet provider which i figured is a saving of  a considerable amount  of money if one is on a invalids benefit.  Also being a member of the library club has its benefits as i found out on our vists to Patea upon looking at their notice board was a notice informing ex Patea Freezing workers that they may be entitled to un claimed monies from a superannuation scheme that started just before the works demise On returning to Manaia i used the library Internet to pursue the claim to find if i may have had a entitlement.After five weeks i had a six hundred and sixty seven dollar payout  paid into my account. if i had not gone down to Patea on that  trip i would have been none the wiser  and the money would have probably gone in the Goverment coffers.    So again to the staff a big thank you

(name removed at customers request.)


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