Expotential growth of visitors at STDC

The impact of the Aotearoa People’s Network has been huge and shows most of all in the door counts for each LibraryPlus facility. There have been an extra 34,170 people through the doors compared to last year. This has not only impacted on the internet use, it has brought customers into the library that we have been trying to reach for several years.

Youth have now found that libraries can be cool places to hang out. They have learnt that they do have to modify their behaviour and attitudes but then they discover that there are interesting magazines and books to read. Staff have noticed that while they may not take out the books they read them and enjoy lounging in the seating areas and chilling out with friends. Other people coming in have seen books that they want to read and have subsequently joined the library and bolstered issues.

Lynne of South Taranaki District


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