Happy birthday APN in Tararua


On Monday 15th of December 2008, we celebrated the first birthday of the APN computers being in and live at the Tararua Library System. Cake was supplied to all branches, and distributed to all and Sundry.


It has been an eventful year J. One that has presented challenges both foreseen and unforeseen. As we roll into the next year patronage continues to climb, the problems faced are easing and we are developing how to better utilize this fabulous resource as a community asset.

Happy Birthday to us and the APN. J


3 responses to “Happy birthday APN in Tararua

  1. Congratulations Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketahuna library staff – what a great job you are doing. Thanks for your blog and reminding me of how much I enjoyed assisting with the Tararua installs – meeting you guys and trying to convince you that it was no big thing! (and the stunned look on some people’s faces) I know how tricky it is sending cake in the mail so I’m not wondering where my piece is. Here’s to a fabulous second year.

  2. Well done Heather and the team at Tararua – a cake and celebration of one year of APN.

  3. Congrats to you all. I hope the next year brings good things.

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