More from the Wifi sector

I arrived in this morning to find that at least someone else at CHB District Libraries reads this blog as there was now 2 large tables in Waipukurau Branch. (Thus they must have seen my blog entry about wifi people taking over the newspaper desk- that’s my reasoning anyhow). However I see that today that just has meant that we have more people with laptops and quite a few couples using both the APN’s and their laptops and taking up both tables. However it was what was happening over at the tables I was intrigued with as it put me in mind of the Thorn Tree Cafe in Nairobi during the 80’s when we would leave messages for other travellers and friends on the notice board around the tree at the cafe. Often these would be tips on where to go and what to do in Kenya and Tanzania and that is what was happening at the Wifi tables this morning. Lots of travellers comparing notes. It is like bringing the Thorn Tree Cafe into the digital age which I see that Lonely Planet has done with a Thorn Tree Cafe site. The wifiers this morning spilled over onto the APN computers and were all over the world comparing experiences, accommodation, excursions etc. It was a beautiful thing to behold!


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