Excitement mounts…

We are very excited about APN coming to our library in Fairlie. Personally I can’t wait to skype my son in Slovenia. Currently I don’t talk to him, unless he phones (because of the cost). Emailing means we keep in touch but there’s nothing quite like a two-way conversation. Once a month my son goes to Poland to spend time with his daughter and they ’skype’ me from the foyer of the hotel where they stay for these visits. This three-way communication is wonderful and I am able to keep the relationship with my half Polish granddaughter alive this way. (I only get to see her once a year.) The system is easy with a fast broadband connection which is not available where I live, so I can see myself spending even longer time in the library, after my paid working hours have ended.


3 responses to “Excitement mounts…

  1. Wow – that will be so cool for you to be able to Skype your son. I had some Israeli tourists in the other week. A young couple who shared a computer; she skyped while he emailed. Love’s young dreams LOL. I thought it was really nice to watch then huddle up close, catching up with family on the other side of the world.

  2. Phew. Fairlie install complete and before the end of my familiarization session mackcomlib was skyp’ing with her son (“just testing it’s working”, “of course you are”). Good-o, the pressure is off now and we can go back to learning how to write files to CD. (Boring!).

  3. It’s all fantastic. I’ve been helping oldies (my age!) to open Gmail accounts; telling the schoolkids that listening to the All Blacks haka, or watching Britney Spears ‘strut her stuff’ is not really relevant to their ‘survival’ research. But the rewards outweigh the annoyances. Because we have rules and regulations pertaining to internet use during school time, I am hoping that these will carry over to our fabulous APN system. Maybe I’m hopeful, but I’m a born optimist.

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