Comments from Hamilton City Libraries APN customers

Well over 500 people a day are using APN across our 6 libraries. Wifi use is also increasing.
Here’s a few customer comments:

Benjamin said.. “I came to the library without being aware that a free internet service was available. I have used this service in addition to reading in the library. I think it is an excellent service.”

Stefan .. “I’m new in Hamilton just flew in from Germany and have no internet available in the hostel. Using the library internet connection to talk to home makes the start in New Zealand much easier.”

Anil .. “The service provided by the Hamilton Library is excellent. I am currently doing an online course and I have been using the resource everyday, and it has helped me to a great extent saving lots of money. The staff are doing a great job with the newly introduced facility.”

Susan .. “Thanks for asking. When I arrived in Hamilton about 2 months ago I was looking for a place to read. I liked the message outside the library and while reading here I found out about the free internet and used it mainly to keep in touch with family and friends and also to look for advertisements. I like the discipline of using it for just half an hour and how friendly the staff are. I haven’t tried learning anything new. Didn’t know I could Skype. It has been helpful that it is free and a quiet place to email.”


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