Helping the public

I have been finding that increasingly I am out at the APN computers helping people. Whilst I love this and see it as an extension of my other job (IT Network Support for CHB District Council) I am interested to know what other libraries are doing regarding this.

I have a growing number of elderly coming in and having sessions with me and these can take up to half my day. It is not so much a case of sending them to FAQs as it is not so much the mechanics they want to know about but the possiblilites.

I run regulated sessions already but it is the increasing amount of one off help sessions that take the time.

Do any other libraries run orientation sessions on APN and or help sessions?


CHB District Libraries


3 responses to “Helping the public

  1. Ngai I manage Patea and Waverley libraries in South Taranaki. We got APN in September and I have been running a small survey since then to see what people want. From later this month I’ll be doing one on one and small classes, teaching people how to email, set up blogs, shop online etc. It’s mainly our older users that want tuition, and some of the local quilters who want to see what’s out there in terms of supplies.

  2. HI Cath,
    How did you run the survey? Did you have a paper questionnaire out by the computers or something similar? Also have you found that you have to be careful with group sessions as peoples abilities can be so different.?

  3. Hello Ngai
    I had paper surveys by the computers and also at the issues counter. Most responses have come from the slips at the counter, because those are the people too afraid to hop on the computers and have a go. The survey was a basic ‘tick the box’ next to what you would like to learn how to do, and a space for other suggestions. Also what day of week suited people best. Small community, to fairly easy to tailor to suit in terms of time and day.
    I would prefer to teach one on one, otherwise some people get ahead, others go quiet rather than seem ‘stupid’ and so on.

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