Thursday afternoon, a week ago. The new WiFi equipment has arrived and I’m keen on checking how good our network coverage will be. WiFi hotspot at Buller Library would give our increasing deman on online access new options.  Our IT suggested getting a technician in, but maybe I can do it?  Blond Librarians…. Stop!  Didn’t the hardware come with a manual?


Pick up APN-Helpdesk instructions – they have very good DIY photos included; I like that – and quickly run through the set-up, pluck in some cables and ….. done! A nice melody indicates an established connection.


The first staff laptop is already detecting a signal. Wow. Let’s try another laptop in a different area. Signal strength between 3 and 4, internet traffic: really F A S T.


Feel attempted to skype my sister in Berlin, but hello! – I don’t have a web-cam on my laptop. Maybe a bit of youtube, Google Earth and I-tunes. Not a prob for APN WiFi; data coming up quickly as.


So it looks like I can move further to promoting the new service. Oh, it just comes into my mind that we plan a workshop on how to use the internet for family research. With WiFi we can take more learners on board! And I can let council staff know that our meeting room has coverage too. Pretty good for training sessions. Or I could invite high-school students to run a WiFi party, and I will design a nice poster with a big WiFi symbol on it…


My mental brainstorming is disrupted. Two customers are working on their laptops in the study room and want to know how they can print out downloaded files. Maybe I don’t even need to promote WiFi?


Next day I have a go in front of the library building. Still enough coverage to do home-banking in the car. I think of all these happy campers. What a pretty cool “WiF2go” you can discover throughout New Zealand libraries.



One response to “WiFi2go

  1. I love the ability to have wifi and bring my own computer when I go to Christchurch City Libraries – great to have it happening in libraries round the country. Really extends the use of computers in libraries.


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