Successes Because of the APN

The group of young kids who have terrorised the staff since the APN arrived at Carterton have been back these holidays!!! Of course with only four APN PC’s and over a dozen of these youngsters to amuse while they wait their turn the staff have been challenged to occupy rather than brush off this new class of library user.

The result? One 9 year old who struggles with numbers and cannot read at all is now learning some basic texts and sorting out his numbers with the assistance of a staff member in 30 minute bursts – and actually enjoying it.

Another group of 10-12 year old girls have sat together working on art works (with a few resources and some staff encouragement) which they will enter in a regional art competition.

A local Councillor has observed this first hand and is now working with the library to raise the money for our first playstation to provide further outlets for this group.

This group of kids has also been a useful source of volunteer shelving labour at the end of the day.

Meanwhile all these kids are maintaining there own Bebo sites, playing games and YouTube videos. Their interactions are becoming more and more positive; with each other, with staff and with other library users. Staff are being drawn more into their world which is also proving interesting as we seek more ways to help them integrate with our community in more positive ways.

Ewan Hyde, Carterton


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