Getting the load on downloads

An older gentleman came in who said he did a lot of downloading of marine photos etc – often quite chunky – and was simply unable to do this on his computer in Leithfield. He would go into town to a friend’s place with broadband – but guess what – he won’t be going back there for that.  He was rapt at the way he could immediately find how to burn a cd etc.

 All good,  Margaret, Hurunui

And what is more….he has been back every day for the last week!



3 responses to “Getting the load on downloads

  1. It’s great to hear about people using the CD writing facility that comes with the APN Public PCs.

    If customers are unsure how to burn their files to CD we have step by step instructions on the APN Wiki too.

  2. We’ve just had a flock of library staff attend the copyright for librarians seminar. We would like to know what other libraries might be doing in regard to advising customers of copyright law. Do any libraries have any copyright signage by their APN pcs informing users about copying CDs or DVDs? Does anyone have a succinct statement they use or are you not bothering? Thanks, Tina (Tasman District Libraries)

  3. I thought LIANZA’s resources might be of use to partner libraries and have added a link to them from the online FAQ.

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