Waimakariri Live with APN

Well, Rangiora and Kaiapoi libraries are up and running with incredible ease and lack of fuss and spectacular performance (small SNAFU with Oxford but that’s Telecom’s issue not ours or APN’s). Our thanks to the team from the Network who came, installed and conquered and made it seem all too easy!

We are thrilled with the new kit, the speed and the layout. So are the public. In short, it is a triumph! The major issue for us will be – we anticipate – managing demand and usage. So far this week, it has been very gentle. The first big test will be this weekend which is usually frantic.

Selwyn, Hurunui and ourselves will be conducting a joint promotion once we are all on board and we have settled our staff into using it (the public seem completely unphased!).  Then we should see some real interest…


2 responses to “Waimakariri Live with APN

  1. Oxford library is now up and running, SNAFU dealt with. Awesome meeting the Oxford team (via Skype video conference and in person).

    Nice having the Canterbury trifector of Hurunui, Waimakariri and Selwyn onboard and online – looking forward to working with u guys.

  2. With our second weekend over and as we count down to the first school holidays for the year, our attention has really turned to “crowd control” – that is ensuring everyone who wants to access these fab new services has a reasonable opportunity to do so.

    During the week the system we planned to use (whiteboards where people put up their names for 30 mins when others are waiting – just like in a gym) is working relatively smoothly. We sat out for an hour each morning the first week and modeled the behaviours we want to see. A little more work was needed in the after-school period: again, talking to and modelling for the youngsters how we want them to use the equipment.

    The first weekend we were over-run and my staff frankly got swamped. The second weekend we posted a staff member away from the desk to the machines for the first hour or so we were open, again, to intercept that “rush” through the door by the kids and to explain and get them to get their names up and set the expectation that at the end of 30 mins, if there were others who wanted a go, they would have to jump off. This worked better.

    It will take a while get the behaviours established amongst the core of our users. Enthusisam is very high and curiosity is bringing many folk into the building to see what the fuss is about.

    We have had our first experienceswith APN porn this last weekend. Inevitable but teeth-grinding nevertheless. The kids (they were 13-14 yo) escaped before staff could catch up with them but we had used the advent of APN to move the terminals out into the middle of the library deliberately to try and curb potential for missuse and in fact they kids left in a hurry because an adult sitting next to them saw what they were up to and gave them a flea in their ear. Community child-rearing at its best!

    Hurunui, Selwyn and Waimakariri will be doing our official “launch” aimed at pollies mostly on April 30th! Press releases and posters are being coordinated and look good!

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