The hype with Skype

Who would have thought it is so much fun to Skype with your friends, even if they are sitting right next to you? Never mind Bebo or free e-mail access or the fact that the Hurunui District Library now has what is possibly the fastest internet access in the whole district!

On Monday 31 March the long awaited day finally arrived: the Aotearoa People’s Network came to the Hurunui. Unpacking the boxes was a bit like Christmas. No more internet charges, no more frustratingly slow connections, no more mish-mash of computers which should have been retired a long time ago…

Instead we now have brand new, sleek looking, up-to-date machines, with CD-burners and memory card ports, and of course cameras and headphones which are exciting the local youth so much we have to strongly insist they go home as the library is closing!

But more importantly there is the uncluttered APN home page with easy access to the most popular sites and local information and also all the extra goodies such as Publisher which most of our staff don’t even have access to.

So far the response from our library users has been overwhelmingly positive, both about the quality of the service and the fact that it is free. The Aotearoa People’s Network is one of the most exciting things that has happened in our District in recent times and it will have widespread benefits for the whole community as at last we are able to join the information super highway at more than a snail’s pace!



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