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    First impressions can be, well impressive I guess. As a member of the APN Governance Group it is important that we are seen out there, promoting what essentially we have had some hand in developing.

    Following a trip to Hawkes Bay to sell the virtues of the APN to librarians and Council staff considering bidding for Phase Two of this project I called in at Woodville for a fish and chip dinner (at the best fish and chip shop in the North Island!!!).

    At that date I had no excperience of the “real APN”; never seen “it” or “its” machinery.

    As I sat there eating my fish and chips it occurred to me that the Tararua region were about to go live with the APN and there in front of me was the Woodville Public Library, and it was open!!!

    So what should I do? Yes, let’s be nosey. I was surprised to see three brand new, internet capable, webcam enabled PC’s all in a nice line just inside the door.

    After an introduction to the desk librarian I was informed that the APN had just been installed not 10 minutes before my arrival!!!

    Already four young teenage girls were well plugged in to devices, headphones on listening to music while they created new Bebo identities and entered cyberspace.

    As I watched, a younger boy of about 12 arrived; “Hey what are you guys doing?” He inquired. “Free internet,” one of the girls replied. Another chipped in; “Shhh, don’t tell him or else everyone will be here!”

    Not long after a man came in wanting to register his new cell phone. One of the girls left (temporarially) to let him use the PC.

    He had no experience of computers let alone the internet. Mind you it took the combined powers of the desk librarian and me to get him through the tangled web to register it.

    The girl returned with a large ice cream purchased from the best fish and chip shop in the North Island. The desk librarian promptly told her it was either the ice cream had to go or she wasn’t allowed back on the computer…the girl turned walked to the door and tossed the ice cream into the street.

    My last memory of my first encounter with the Peoples Network is that desk librarian outside with a giant yad broom sweeping up the melting remains of a near new ice cream!!!

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