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APNK website

11:05am  Saturday, 13 August 2011   APNK websites including Kete have returned to operation.  Sorry for the technical hick-up.

Library home page

APNK website


As at 8:00pm Friday, 12 August 2011 The Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa website is offline due to a technical problem.

Our Kete websites are also unavailable.

Internet access at partner locations is NOT affected.  But note the regular APNK home page will not display on the public computers and will not display for customers using the Wifi service.

Sites down include:


We are working to resolve the problem and apologise for the unexpected outage.

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New website launch and online network


This blog is no longer active. Staff at APNK partner libraries/marae are welcome to join our Ning network, Community of Practice. To join please email peoples.network@dia.govt.nz.

Ancestry.com – Library Edition

Has any APN library who subscribes to ancestry.com noticed that their monthly statistics are considerably down? We seem to just be recording those “sessions” and “searches” that we show people from our Information Desk,  and not those that people do themselves on the APN computers.

Conference workshop: “Now we have got them, What do we do With Them?”

Hi Folks

An idea for a conference workshop I have discussed recently is one with a title like:

“Now we have got them, What do we do With Them?”

 A workshop discussing how to deal with the influx of teens brought into the library by the APN machines. As this is not really my area, I thought I would through it out there onto here to see if anyone else would be interested in attending/hosting such a workshop? Or what format it could take?

I would be happy to put it forward as an abstract etc, but thought maybe someone more involved with the kids might like to look at it?


Michael Parry

Very Happy Customer

To the staff at the Manaia Library I would like to thank them for the assistance in creating an email address. I have found having an email saves forty dollars by not having to have a phone line at home and not having to have a Internet provider which i figured is a saving of  a considerable amount  of money if one is on a invalids benefit.  Also being a member of the library club has its benefits as i found out on our vists to Patea upon looking at their notice board was a notice informing ex Patea Freezing workers that they may be entitled to un claimed monies from a superannuation scheme that started just before the works demise On returning to Manaia i used the library Internet to pursue the claim to find if i may have had a entitlement.After five weeks i had a six hundred and sixty seven dollar payout  paid into my account. if i had not gone down to Patea on that  trip i would have been none the wiser  and the money would have probably gone in the Goverment coffers.    So again to the staff a big thank you

(name removed at customers request.)